1. Reconnection

    January 29, 2015 by barffie

    Some people may think our relationship is flawless. It isn’t.

    Let’s face it.

    We do have our differences and disagreements.

    We have disappointed each other and we certainly disconnected from our relationship a couple of times.

    We’ve been together for over 10 years, after all.

    Terms like “Soul Mates” and “The One” gives a couple unnecessary pressure and seemingly insurmountable expectations of one another.

    Perhaps we did place that weight on our shoulders and it has weighed us down tremendously over the years.

    Perhaps we did take each other for granted and forgot to see the real person behind the harsh words and the hurt we dealt to each other.

    But love will guide the way.

    Our hearts will bring us back to where we needed to be.

    In the grand scheme of things, we are merely stardust.

    We are only here for a short while and all we needed is to be heard… loved… desired.

  2. Linger

    January 13, 2015 by barffie

  3. 特別的人

    October 13, 2014 by barffie

    Just went to his concert on Saturday! I really like his music.




    若只想要被愛 最後沒有了對白
    必須有你我的情真 不求計分的平等
    總有幸福有心疼 生命的起伏要認可

    要經過了意外 才瞭解所謂的愛
    今後的歲月 讓我們一起瞭解
    多少天長地久 有幾回細水長流

    我們是對方 特別的人
    奮不顧身 難捨難分 不是一般人的認真
    若只有一天 愛一個人
    讓那時間每一刻在倒退 生命中有萬事的可能
    你就是我要遇見的 特別的人

    要經過了意外 才瞭解所謂的愛
    今後的歲月 讓我們一起瞭解
    多少天長地久 有幾回細水長流

    我們是對方 特別的人
    奮不顧身 難捨難分 不是一般人的認真
    若只有一天 愛一個人
    讓那時間每一刻在倒退 生命中有萬事的可能
    你就是我要遇見的 特別的人

    有時也會失敗 怕被淘汰 想去找一個明白
    你何時會來 人山人海 總有你的存在

    我們是對方 特別的人
    奮不顧身 難捨難分 不是一般人的認真
    若只有一天 愛一個人
    讓那時間每一刻在倒退 生命中有萬事的可能
    你就是我要遇見的 特別的人

  4. 9.

    September 29, 2014 by barffie

    Today marks the 9th year of our marriage, and the 10th year of our first date as a couple. It’s not a very long time, but we have been through ups and downs together; toured many new destinations together; ate food from all over together; had some great and not so great moments together. But we’re are still together.

    I’ve always said that I need you more than you need me. But maybe it’s because your love language differs from mine. I’m an insecure one, you see.

    One of your dominant love language is “acts of service”, while mine is “words of affirmation”. You don’t communicate love in a verbal manner, but instead you clean the cat litter. I don’t clean the cat litter as often but I know it means a lot to you that I do. I’ll try to clean it more often, ok?

    And you pick me up from work almost everyday… you don’t know how much it means to me to see your face smiling out at me from the car after a particularly tough day at work. Being with you keeps me quite grounded when my mind is all over the place.

    My personal love language – words of affirmation – as a talkative person, I vocalise every damn thought in my head. So I let you know when I am upset by not saying anything at all and I know that frustrates you. I am trying to fix that and not let my emotions override my actions as much, thank you for being patient with me all these years.

    I love you, Jeffwee.

  5. 33 and Counting

    September 18, 2014 by barffie

    So I turn 33. I’m still married, I still have 4 cats, I am still somewhat intact although I am at my heaviest ever. My hair loss problem has slowed ever since I wash my hair every night now (it used to be alternate nights!) and the shampoo is light enough for me.

    For the first time in my life, I got eyelash extensions from this Japanese salon. It’s very nice and comfortable. No pain, itch or discomfort but I have to be careful about oil-based cleansers and not to rub my eyes!

    I am happy.

    I think work is working out well for me, but I think I could do with some breather now and then. It has been busy busy busy busy busy. I wish I had a little more time to think, read, watch anime and play my ukulele.

    Tripped and stumbled at work a few times here and there… Messed some some stuff in life here and there… But I think all’s good. I have to be better though.

    What can I say? Except to tell myself “Try my best. Enjoy what I’m doing. Be kinder to myself.” :)

    Here’s to more happy years ahead!

  6. Late Night Minor Verbal Diarrhoea

    July 28, 2014 by barffie

    Don’t get distracted from doing what is right and just in life.

    Don’t fall into vice even if it is calling out to your desperation.

    Don’t get sidetracked by comparing what others are doing and trying to emulate their success. You will never be them. You have your own context to live in, so live it well.

  7. Ukulele Thoughts!

    June 23, 2014 by barffie

    I am having a lot of fun with the Ukulele. I practice almost every night and although I’m getting slightly better but I think it’s still a long time before I get good enough to show off!

    That aside I am using it as some form of music therapy. I tend to get rather flustered and drained by the end of the workday, but playing the Ukulele, even just doing slow drills on 3 chord songs would help me in focusing my mind and also it helped me to maintain a calmness for hours.

    This has been much better than meditation – in the latter, I would be constantly thinking about stuff… or worrying if I am doing it right. Which is precisely the wrong way to go about it!

    So just strumming along and singing to myself on the bed… that would keep my mind focused and calm for a much longer period of time. I don’t think about much else, except to coax nice, sweet sounds from the Ukulele.

    I’m still a little tense when I play, that’s why my shoulders and back are getting a little achy lately. Need to relax more! My left fingertips are slowly forming calluses… which would be useful in future I guess! :P

  8. Me and Uke

    June 8, 2014 by barffie

    So my new obsession: learning how to play the Ukulele.


    An absolute beauty. It’s a Kamoa E3 Soprano and I really love it. There are other cheaper models out there for a noob like me (the logical, practical choice) but I fell in love with this one.

    Excited to start my lessons!

    The Moon Song from the Spike Jonze movie Her is the first song I attempted. I don’t have the courage to upload the video but I think I did ok, considering I haven’t gone to my first formal lesson yet!

    I am officially a hipster wannabe!!!

    Ola! I am a hipster wannabe!

    Time to practise!

    The Uke (I haven’t named it yet but I think I am calling her 小紅), the padded gigbag from Ukulele Movement and the grey kitty that I got from Kyoto. He’s the protector of the Ukulele!

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